SUNDAY  RALLY                           SEPTEMBER 10, 2017

Eurosport Cycle  –  3100 Airport Freeway Fort Worth

This is a half day two hundred mile rally set up just like the Iron Butt events.  We just left out the sore backsides!

Maps and instructions for motorcycles will be given out at 8:30 a.m. at Eurosport Cycle with bikes leaving at 9:00 a.m.   All bikes should be back by 1:00 for lunch.  This is not a race  – no points for being first!   All brands welcome.



October 9, 2017

Eurosport Cycle’s track day is set up with two groups.  Open track and riders school.  Each session runs thirty minutes.   We designed the riders school to help riders use more of their bikes capabilities.  This is not a race school.  We have taken racing techniques and brought them into the real world for street riders to be better and safer.   The riders school group includes  both classroom and on track instruction. Riders school riders will be in classroom when the open track day riders are on the track.  Water is available, please provide you own lunch, Cost for either group is $175


Departs from:  EUROSPORT CYCLE –  3100 Airport Freeway Fort Worth

This ride leaves on Sunday morning and returns on Tuesday afternoon.  Monday will be spent riding the fabulous roads of the Texas Hill Country.  Tuesday we will return on the back roads.

BIG BEND RIDE                                   FEBRUARY 2018

Departs from Eurosport Cycle  –  3100 Airport Freeway Fort Worth

This ride leaves on Friday morning and returns on Monday afternoon.  The first day will be through the Hill country stopping at Bracketville for the night.  The ride continues on Saturday riding through Big Bend National Park and stopping at Presidio for the night.  Sunday night will be spent in Sonora.  This ride is 400 – 500 miles per day.


RODE IRON    March 2018

EUROSPORT CYCLE –  3100 Airport Freeway Fort Worth

The hard part is explaining this event. Let’s start with the name. It’s called RODE IRON!  No, we did not misspell road.

As everyone knows, we love to customize bikes and we we’ve done a lot of them over the years. The common thread on all of our bikes is they are meant to be ridden.

This event is for all those bikes out there that you ride and modify. Call them whatever you like. Cafe racer, Bobbers, Customs, Street Rods, or Road Warriors. Any brand any year any style, they are all welcome.

Work in progress or got a special farkle you just added. Perfect. Bring it down! Share your vision with others and maybe get a few ideas yourself. There is only one rule, you have to ride it in!